About KC Climate Coalition

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All KC Climate Coalition meetings are free and open to the public. There are no dues, and both individuals and organizations are welcomed to join. To learn more about our organization and how to become involved, Please see our KCCC Organizational Structure-Final Provisional document, establishing our network of local climate activists.

For meeting updates, please visit our KC Climate Facebook Page.

Creation of the KC Climate Coalition.  The March and Rally on November 29 was the initial event that created the The KC Climate Coalition… a coalition of environmental, labor, justice, peace, religious, business, and other movements working on one goal… to insure there is a habitable planet for our grandchildren and their grandchildren.  The purpose of the November 29 March and Rally is to support the U.N. Paris Climate Conference, November 30 – December 12 and to urge Paris negotiators to create a path to a world powered by 100% clean energy.

We invite all organizations, churches, businesses, and governments to join forces with the KC Climate Coalition. Interested? Send an email to info@KCClimate.org.

The Mission: To build a bold climate action movement in Metro Kansas City that works with others around the world to keep fossil fuels in the ground, drive a clean energy transformation, and create a healthy planet for generations to come.

The Vision: A climate-safe world powered by renewable energy.

2017 Leadership Team:

Josh King: Chair
Mark Hensel: Co-Chair
Dave Mitchell: Treasurer
John Fish-Kurmann: Secretary
Anne McGregor: Membership Coordinator
Craig Wolfe: Communications Coordinator

Resolution establishing the Kansas City Climate Coalition:

  1. We recognize the consensus, severity, and immediacy of climate change, and the imperative to end the human-caused disruptions of the Earth’s climate system now–for those in the present and for generations to come.
  2. We resolve to bring together resources, creativity, and bold action to end the use of fossil fuels and promote  renewable energy for a healthy, livable community in the Kansas City Metro Area.
  3. We are an inclusive coalition working with governments, organizations, labor, indigenous peoples, interfaith voices, businesses, and activists to create a better community for our children and a livable world for humanity.
  4. We respect the natural world and view humans as inseparable from a common ecosystem we all share. We see the need to protect not only human life but all forms of life, and we assert that biodiversity and quality of life are achieved by ending exploitation, marginalization, and discrimination in all their forms.
  5. We utilize law, policies, partnerships, and grassroots campaigns to effect change at all levels of civic life. We are  open and communicative, and our methods are at once powerful and peaceful.